The Town of Atlantic Beach

South Carolina


             "THE BLACK PEARL"

A History:

Atlantic Beach, South Carolina

known as "The Black Pearl", Atlantic Beach was one of The busiest places on the Southeast coast for Blacks during the 40' s, 50' s, 60's, to mid 70's. Titled as the "Black Beach", a beach for black folks only. Atlantic Beach was the only beach where Blacks were allowed for a social outlet from the state of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, to Georgia, due to racial segregation. In 1966, a State Charter was issued, making Atlantic Beach the first and only black owned oceanfront town.


Integration brought about two enormous changes into the history of Atlantic Beach. It gave Blacks the freedom, or right to enter, explore and enjoy all the beaches along the Southeast coast. While this was a positive change, Atlantic Beach had no way of knowing the adverse affects she would later suffer, (the loss of the Black Family and their dollars), to an arena far more competitive than she.


Today Atlantic Beach remains the only Black owned beach in the nation. “Wow”, what a culturally rich history! Nestled between Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach, a remote tourist resort area that has grown by leaps and bounds, attracting some (14) million tourist each summer. Atlantic Beach Still struggles to exist, and awaits the return of the African American Family. The family She rolled out the red carpet for, when Blacks were forbidden to enter other beaches. Abandoned by her own, Atlantic Beach shall rise again in spite of all that has happened through the years.


Visit Atlantic Beach, again it has a rich and valuable history that shall never be forgotten, truly “A Black Pearl”. The properties are Black owned and operated. Business consists of motels, hotels, gifts shops, restaurants, night clubs, golf shops, and pawn shops. Commercial properties are 50% undeveloped. For this reason we are encouraging Black Investors to own a piece of the pearl.


Plan your next vacation in Atlantic beach, SC (The Black Pearl).

Mayor, Jake Evans - invites you to be his guest.



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